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The South Pole and Climate Change


Yunus TOPAL (2017)


This frozen world offers us an unknown ritual with unusual seasons, months of night and day. While the mankind is adding new signs to the traces of the past, I wanted to explore this place and understand those who gave their lives for this aim. Now these places back to the night. The temperature will drop even further. The top of the ocean will be covered with ice again. The birth of a new day will be at least six months later. Who knows, maybe I will be there to welcome the sun on another polar morning.”

I intend to take you to far places difficult to reach with my work including my journey to the South Pole, one of the most difficult points to reach on Earth where I went to, observed and lived my adventure, took my photographs and produced my documentary.

This challenging frozen geography has an impact on our world, our city, even our home, on our tables. What is it? The global warming and climate change. These terms which we have just begun to hear tell us that something important will happen in the near future, what can happen, how can we counteract it, how can we take measures individually and socially?

That is exactly why this documentary was shot. We have made a gruelling, spooky journey to the most difficult place in the world for you. We try to make it visible for you who did not see with eyes and heard with ears.

Now, let’s all stop for a moment to think, is our future really in danger? The ice you’re watching is melting fast. The world is getting hotter and warmer. Do you remember the last summer when the record temperatures of the last 200 years, the tsunamis, the floods… that’s all you see because the ice melts? As the ice melts, the natural climate of the Earth disappears, causing the climate to change and the earth to heat up. Does this warming affect only living beings on this continent? No, it’s deeply affecting us.

I guess it is not too late for everything, we can do something. We will be protecting ourselves while we’re protecting our nature. So what are we going to do?

We searched and present for you.

That is how the documentary begins to narrate the journey to the frozen continent to create an awareness for global warming and climate change.




August 2017